The Daily Pull


Recently a friend of mine Brady Walen asked me to redesign the header for his beer blog, The Daily Pull.  The Portland-based beer blog focuses on the craft brewing scene in and around Portland and the Northwest.  A Chicago transplant,  Brady was looking for a visual that combined an urban motif with the edgy and off-beat Portland aesthetic to create something altogether different than the usual beer related imagery found on other blogs.

The Daily Pull logo

The type treatment was hand-drawn and everything else was illustrated in Photoshop.  I’m pretty happy with how the illustration turned out and can’t wait to see it tattooed across the back of every discerning beer drinker in Portland.  Be sure to check out The Daily Pull for all the latest of Brady’s musings on the Portland beer scene.

So I’ve been interested in poster art, both vintage and contemporary for a while now and I feel like I’m just catching up on all the great stuff that’s out there.  I recently started creating some art that attempts to merge the aesthetics of classic poster design from the past with the the more modern medium of vector illustration.

This is an illustration I created for a fictitious “Roaring Twenties” speakeasy in the rough-and-tumble copper mining town of Butte, MT.  This once-thriving town dubbed “The Richest Hill on Earth” was home to a number of similar establishments that served to quench the thirst of many an off-duty miner during Prohibition.   Having spent a lot of time in Butte growing up, I can say it is a truly unique/fun/strange/crazy kind of place that I’m proud to know about.

I can only imagine it back in the day.

The Copper King Club

drum roll


I’m not sure what made me think to draw this, but there’s something about the raw energy of somebody banging on a plastic bucket that’s fun to watch.